Never alone in the ministry

Two weeks ago I went to meet the group for service only to find that there was no one there. A little disappointed I thought about heading home and going back to sleep. But after some thinking I decided to at least do a few of the calls I hadn’t done in a while and to test out the on the new territories to see how well the system we’d worked up would work. So I got on the bus and rode to the territory.

After arriving at the territory I began looking for all the address of the individuals in the territory who speak English. I found some, but most weren’t at home. Then, I got to one address that was apparently wrong because when I talked to the house holder they said that no one by that name lived in the house. This being a common mistake I decided to walk up and down the street and see if there was another house with the same number. To my delight there was!

I knocked on the door and a young man named Francisco came to the door and he spoke English, although his wasn’t the name of the person on the record that I had. I began to speak with Francisco offering him the bible teach book and asking him to choose the chapter that interested him the most from the index. He choose chapter 15 Worship That God Approves.

We began to discuss whether or not there is one true religion on the earth today. When I asked the question at the beginning of the chapter, “Are all religions pleasing to God?”

He said, “I think so. I think there are good people in every religion.”

To which I replied, “Well let’s see what the bible teaches.”

As we began to study the chapter he began to express his desire to worship God in a that he approves of. Then we got to paragraph about how to identify the true religion. Previously in the conversation he had mentioned to me that he is a Catholic and that he worships saints and prays to them as well as God. The second bullet point to identifying the true religion is worship only Jehovah and make his name known. After reading the paragraph I showed him Matt. 4:10 emphasizing the word “alone.” Then I took him to the cross-reference at Deut. 6:13 where it says,

“Jehovah your God you should fear, and him you should serve,…”

After reading these scriptures I asked him if what he thought.

“Well, I think I need to make sure to pray only to God first, then after if I want I can pray to some saints,” he responded.

Obviously not the desired answer.

Determined, I read the texts to him again, and again, and again. Finally after about three times of going back and forth between the two verses he paused and looking at the bible said,

“I realize now that I have been making a mistake. When I go to church I shouldn’t pray to the virgin and the saints, but only to God. I’ve been doing bad all this time.”

Those are the moments I live for. The moments when through a study of God’s word individuals come to see the need for change in their lives. Some have idiomatically deemed it The Light Bulb Moment. That moment when you see the students eyes light up because for the first time in their lives that got it.

I decided to stop at that paragraph not wanting to overwhelm him. He, though, was so excited that he demand I return the next day to continue the study. I did and we continued our study of the chapter.

That was last week. Jehovah willing Francisco will continue to hunger and thirst for the word of truth. These types of experiences really show me that Jehovah’s angels are directing us out in the field. This is a house than no one would’ve knocked at for months to come. Just a lesson that we are never truly alone in the ministry!

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