A family affair in the middle of nowhere!

An experience of two brothers who recently further expanded there ministry here in Mexico. Recently two very good friends, Alejandra & Preston Pollack, of mine moved to a city called Comitan de Dominguez (I think that’s the name anyway) to further their ministry.  They’ve been having many wonderful experiences. Here’s one in from an email they sent me a short time ago.

P.S.- It’s translated from Spanish so please bear with the grammar. 🙂

“You already know I love having my experiences in Comitan but it really is amazing what happens here, so many things and many people who speak English and want to learn about Jehovah it is impossible to have a single day in the service without finding someone or a wonderful experience. But hey I want to tell you an incredible experience.

About 2 weeks ago the C.O. sent an email to Preston asking if we could go to visit relatives of a few girls who are studying in Playa del Carmen who are publishers, and have 2 brothers who are studying in Merida and are attending meetings and everything. He asked us to visit the rest of their brothers because they were born in the U.S.

In total there are 13 of them and 6 of them Comitan are in. Well not exactly in Comitan, it’s a town called New Venice in the middle of nowhere and a little hard to get to. Preston asked half the world but no one knew the place, and when I was reading the mail almost I passed out because it seemed just too incredible. I go to work in New Venice almost every 15 days. I could not believe it!

So the next day I decided to find the Rancho las Americas, and after getting lost for about 20 minutes, I found it! Jehovah really was directing us. Upon arrival I came across this ranch on the banks of a river with just the bare necessities of life.  I received was by a 16 year-old girl and greeted her in English. She almost died!

For more than 10 years they’d been living on the ranch no one had spoken to them in English but they always always communicate in English, so their English is still perfect. For about  30 minutes we talked with them, some were interested more than others of course but I could see how excited they were.
I told them about the meetings and information in English and they begged me to bring them some literature as soon as possible. We exchanged information.

I expected to see them in about 15 days but noooooo, they called me 4 days later to say they were in Comitan and wanted books and magazines that promised them. So my husband and I met them in the park and give them 3 books, 3 magazines and a tract, and were they were very happy. We could see how much they appreciated having it in their hands.

They may come to the meetings soon although it is very difficult for them because they do not come to Comitan very often, but Jehovah willing something will happen. It is amazing how the Jehovah leads us to the most unexpected places, like in the middle of nowhere, and yet there can be a great potential to start studies.

Being in Comitan has taught me to never discriminate, because the people you least imagine here speak perfect English and not only that they lived in America for many years.”

Jehovah always blesses the efforts of those who try and expand their ministry.

-Galatians 6:9

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