They Need You!

These are the hard working brothers and sisters. A small team of Jehovah’s servants working hard to expand their ministry. But THEY NEED YOU!

These friends are the team that makes up the Tuxtla Gutierrez Ingles Group. This team is made up of :

1 Elder

4 Ministerial Servants

10 Regular Pioneers

33 Publishers

This team is working very hard in Jehovah’s service, but there’s always much work to do. That’s where you come in!

Is it in your circumstances to come and support this group of Jehovah’s servants in our Christian commission, even if it’s just for a small amount of time such as a week? No doubt the you yourself as well as the friends here will be encouraged by the interchange of encouragement!

So prayerfully consider your circumstances and think, “I am I willing to join THE TEAM!” 

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