Here I am send me!

How would you feel if after being an elder, pioneer, servant, or even an just a consistent publisher reaching out in the congregation, you had to go back to one word comments?

Well many individuals here have done just that! These are individuals who are just like you. They gave regular parts on the meetings, commented freely, and some of them even gave assembly parts! What happened?

A call was made. The question was asked, ” ‘Who will go for us?’ Who can serve in the English group?” These are the friends that answered. A sacrifice? You tell me!

“It’s like I’m learning the truth all over again,” says one regular pioneer sister.

One brother for example is an elder in the group. This brother previously gave parts on the assembly and taught at pioneer schools among many other privileges. Now, because he has reached out to serve in the English field he’s back to square one so to speak. Giving 3 word comments read from the paragraph. But is he discontent?

“I feel like my family is drawing closer to Jehovah,” says the brother.

What a great example these friends provide of imitating the angel’s attitude at Isaiah 6:8 “Here I am! Send me!”

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