Tuxtla Gutierrez Ingles Congregation Memorial 2012.

Sorry I’m so late with this but better late than never ya know!

So at the memorial this year it was especially special indeed. We had a member of the little flock deliver our talk.

A group and a congregation met together this year. We had a total of 107 in attendance. At least 40 of which were visitors, many of which were first-timers. Let’s meet a few, shall we?

Here we have a pioneer brother Ezr Gutierrez and guest from Holand (I think).

Next we have Annette Molina (right) and her student.

I’m not really sure of this brother’s name but he sure is dapper! Anyway he’s with Don Abram Annette’s father.

I’m sure many of you recognize Michelle Holt (left). Here she’s with her student and her family.

This is sister Silbeth Gurgua who’s serving as a regular pioneer in the Tuxtla Gutierrez Oriente Group. This is someone she invited from the territory and he came!

Hey there’s that handsome guy again over on the left! On the right is brother Eythan Johnson serving as an elder in the Tuxtla Gutierrez Ingles Congregation and in the middle is his bible student.

As you can see, Jehovah is richly blessing the preaching work here and the friends are working hard. Here are a few more photos.

It was truly a special day!

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