Home Cookin’

There’s nothing like a some good ol’ home cookin’!

I recently had the opportunity to go back to visit my family. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it back to NYC, but I went back to Houston, TX where the majority of my family lives and this is what was waiting for me.

Baked chicken, white rice, homemade pork & beans, cornbread, and Kool-Aid

Can’t beat that with a stick!

Not only was the physical food delicious but it was accompanied by warm and loving association of those in the local congregation. It was very encouraging to for me to see the zealous spirit of those in my family’s congregation. The spirit of these friends really impressed upon me the fact that you don’t have to leave home to show your zeal. There’s a need for zealous kingdom publishers all over Jehovah’s organization, all we have to do is take action. I must say I really experienced what the apostle Paul mentioned in the book of Romans. There was a definite interchange of encouragement. I was especially impressed by the continuous growth of the pioneer ranks in this congregation, being filled by the young and old.

This mother-daughter team for example, has recently taken up the privilege of full time service and there are many more that were a bit camera shy.I got the chance to see some of them in action, fresh out of Pioneer School and the rooks put me on to a couple trick of the trade that I’ve already found useful in my ministry!


Good food and good service. Could a not-so-prodigal-son  returning home ask for anymore? Well I didn’t. Yet, the good times continued to roll. The friends threw a get together where there was, of course, more delicious food. I’d ‘ve taken a picture but the cook put her foot so far down in it that by the time the camera was ready… all the food was gone! So no pictures, sorry.


When this trip was all said and done, all I could do was sit back and admit: There’s nothing like a little home cookin’!


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