Tamales and Cotton Candy Fruit!

What a combo!

In each part of this country there are some “comidas típicas” (typical foods). Here in Chiapas el tamal is one of them. (That´s right, it´s actually pronounced “tamal” and NOT “tamalE” as many of us “gringos” so affectionately call them.) Tamales come in all different shapes and sizes and flavors.

Now I´m not real clear on the process of making a tamal, but I do know this much, it involves lard, maza (something made from corn), banana leaves or some other leaf used for wrapping, and the meat of your choice, usually pork. Some tamales are even served as almost a kind of dessert because of their sweet flavor. Of course those are my favorite ones.

But don´t forget about the other treat! You read that right! There exists a fruit that tastes like cotton candy. Now if that ain´t undeserved kindness I don´t know what is. This excuse for overindulgence goes by the name of papausa. Heard of it before? No? That’s unfortunate. This fruit boasts a cotton like texture and candy like sweetness that has forever placed it in my mind as “cotton candy fruit.” Although it’s large seeds are a constant reminder that this baby is all natural.

On this occasion, thanks to the hospitality of a brother who supports our congregation and his family, all of whom live in a nearby city named Copoya, we had the pleasure of trying some of these delectable goodies.

This is “tamal de chipilin.” Chipilin is a plant that is very popular here in the south of Mexico. It is also used in soups and some other regional dishes.

Here we have “tamal de hierba santa.” Yea if you could translate that, it means “holy herb!” But don´t worry there’s no legalizing going on in the congregation. This herb is used to give the tamal a very distinct but delicious flavor.

Last but definitely not least, is one of my favorites. “Picte.” I know its a little strange, although considered a tamal this sweet treat isn’t called a tamal de picte. It’s just picte. Whatever the name maybe, this thing is delicious. Cooked with cream and condensed milk inside it has a great creamy taste with that great tamal texture. ¡Y si lo hechas cremita y quesito aun mas sabroso!

And last on the list is the appetizer. You guessed it the BIG PAPAusa.

It even looks a bit like cotton candy doesn’t it.

Good stuff!!!!

Per usual though, the food was only part of why the experience was so wonderful. In Jehovah’s organization we always see the truth of the psalmists words, “How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”


Brothers and sisters from different parts of the world all at one table to enjoy lots of laughs, wholesome association and good eats!

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