We Did It!

We did it! (I can never say that without thinking of Dora the Explorer.) It was almost two years in coming. Lots of studying. Lots of walking. Many a blank stare.

So contradictory to the usual writing standards where they make you wait til the middle to end of the story for punchline, this news can’t be contained. Almost two years ago now I moved back to Mexico to help start a group in the Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. As of Jan. 15th, 2011 that group became officially recognized by the branch. Now 21 months later, that group was again recognized by the branch. This time though as the ESTE INGÉS CONGREGATION!!!!!! What a blessing from Jehovah it was to here those words! Meet the 3 elders, 4 ministerial servants and 16 pioneers that make up a solid foundation for this congregation of 32 publishers.

The friends have worked very hard in the ministry as well as in the congregation. Learning another language isn’t easy. My butchered Spanish can attest to that, but we all agree it was well worth the effort. After not so humble beginnings almost two years ago, this group that at one time functioned a little less that fluidly is now running…. a little more fluidly. We still have lots of work to do and areas to improve in but we’ve come a long way since the beginning. Back then there were lots of blank stares at the Watchtower study on the faces of new comers and students of the language. Now though the friends have gotten into step and commenting in this foreign language no longer presents such a challenge for most. Besides there work in the congregation, a number of bible studies are being conducted by the friends many of which attend meetings regularly.

After all that hard work the friends were all smiles after the meeting.

Wise King Solomon said that with a man there is nothing better than to eat and to drink and to see good for his hard work. So as the custom goes here, good news was soon followed by a fiesta!

In the words of Dora, “Lo Hicimos!”

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