El Cañón del Sumidero

Hello again! Recently I had the opportunity to observe on of Jehovah’s marvelous creations with some visitors.

Observe the wonder of El Cañón del Sumidero:

IMG_20130206_131748 IMG_20130206_131803 IMG_20130206_131824 IMG_20130206_131847 IMG_20130206_131925 IMG_20130206_132013 IMG_20130206_132237 IMG_20130206_132310 IMG_20130206_132327 IMG_20130206_132404 IMG_20130206_132414 IMG_20130206_133050 IMG_20130206_133604 IMG_20130206_133616 IMG_20130206_131255 IMG_20130206_131314 IMG_20130206_131417 IMG_20130206_131500

These beautiful peaks which stand at 1,000 meters high at there highest point can but make one feel small and powerless. It reminds of King David’s question, “What is mortal man that you keep him in mind?” (Psalms 8:4)

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