Are You Like A Baby Monkey?


Mom, are you sure this is safe?Young spider monkeys are transported everywhere by their mothers. From birth until about 5 months of age, a baby spider monkey will be transported by clinging onto the front of the mother’s underbelly ventrum. After 5 months, they will make the transition to riding on the mothers back. It’s not until the monkey is two years old that they are able to move around on their own. Do you think that these monkey’s get tired at times as their mother swings over 50 feet above the ground? Of course! What helps it to hold on? The young monkey knows that letting go will likely mean his life. Just one 50-foot-fall will more than likely be his last. Even if the monkey does somehow manage to survive the fall, it will likely be rejected by his mother and the rest of the troop and be forced to live alone. Do you see why we should be like baby monkeys?

In Satan’s world we are all holding on to the mother – Jehovah’s Organization. Some of us have been holding on longer than others. Perhaps over the years we’ve tired of holding on. Maybe our current circumstances make it difficult for us not to just let ourselves fall into Satan’s system of things. However, we like baby monkeys know that letting go of Jehovah’s organization could well mean our lives in a spiritual and/or literal┬ásense. Even if we manage to survive our relationship with Jehovah and with our brother’s and sisters can be deeply scarred. ┬áSo no matter how tired he we get friends, remember: be like a baby monkey!!!

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