Barbers Don’t Exist

Here’s an awesome illustration given to me by a bible student.

A man is sitting in the chair at a barber shop having normal barber shop discussion, when suddenly the topic of God comes up. The barber suddenly exclaims, “I don’t believe in God!”

“How can you say that?” asks the patron.

“Look at all the troubles and problems people have in their lives. There’s no way God exists!” ┬árefutes the barber.

The debate goes on and on until the barber finishes cutting the man’s hair. Unable to convince the barber of God’s existence the man simply takes his leave. Meanwhile there is another man in shop. He’s wearing cut-up jeans and a colorful t-shirt and hanging from his head, resting on his shoulders and stretching down his back is a thick mop of blonde hair. The barber motions for the man to have a seat in the chair.

“Nah, barbers don’t exist,” said the shabbily dressed man.

“What? What do you mean barbers don’t exist?” the barber challenged.

“If barbers existed,” the man said calmly, “my hair would not be so long.” And with that he left the barber shop, leaving the barber to ponder his simple yet powerful illustration.

The moral?

God is like a barber. We have to actually go to him in order to fix our problems.

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