Do You Know Why I Like Jehovah’s Witnesses?

I’ve been out in Connecticut, USA for about a week or so. 

It’s been a pleasant surprise. The friends are all very kind and generous. We’ve been working out in service together all week. I had a great experience on a bible study with a Ghanaian brother named Mike. He took me on a bible study named George.  George is an excitable outspoken Ghanaian man with a thick accent to boot.

When we arrived at the study Mike and George began speaking in their native tongue to one another cheerfully. Meanwhile I stood there and watched not understanding any of what they said, feeling much like the brothers in Mexico must feel when we speak in English in front of them. From the bit they did say in English I managed to understand that we’d just missed dinner to my dismay.

Once we sat down for the study, I was surprised at this man’s level of interest. As we began studying the teach book I could see how excited he really was about the bible. A few minutes into the study he began to tell us his story of how he came into contact with the truth. After his parents died when he was still very young he moved with a neighbor to Germany.

“At that time,”  explained George “there was a lot of racism in Germany. We were treated very poorly. People would yell at us on the streets.” One day George came in to contact with Jehovah’s Witnesses and they invited him to the meeting. “They were the first people to be kind to me!” George exclaimed. “Do you know why I like Jehovah’s Witnesses?” George said excitedly, sitting on the edge of his seat. “Because everyone was so kind to me! After the meeting everyone wanted to pictures with me.”  He continued, “That’s why whenever Jehovah’s Witnesses talk to me, I listen!”

Hearing these kinds of sincere expressions is what helps to keep me motivated in the ministry. George is just one of many sheep-like individuals who has a genuine appreciation for biblical truth. George even shared with us that he even speak to his patients and their families about the kingdom message. It’s these kinds of experiences that help us to keep our own excitement about the ministry.

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