New York, New York Pt. 2

A visit to what remains of Brooklyn Bethel.

My memory is crystal clear.



All those times when I was a child. The ride in the dollar van with Rasta music blaring. The strong smell that the NYC subway system has, that can only be described as “vagabond with a touch of train,” as I entered in the subway station holding tightly to the handrail. The tip-tap of the leather bottoms on my fathers shoes echoing off the narrow passage.

The stations always looked like prisons to me. Bars from floor to ceiling and wall to wall down the middle of the station. The screeching wells of the subway cars rang loud even from that distance. In the station at Parsons and Archer it’s a long way down to the J. I remember my siblings and I trying to keep up with my dad as he moved through the seemingly unending crowds. As we rode the escalators the sounds of the approaching trains became deafening. But with the increased noise only came increased excitement. Because I knew that the sounds and smells only meant one thing.

Getting off the train the sites were all too familiar. The bridge. Not the Brooklyn Bridge.  The international landmark was of no import to me. No, the bridges I remember are those that connect the factory buildings over Pearl St. And walking into that factory building finally having begun the tour, there was the most unique smell. I don’t know if was the ink, the glue, the paper, or something else to do with the divine work that was taking place there. But that smell…. nothing made me happier than that smell, because I knew that that smell meant I was the place I loved to visit the most, Brooklyn Bethel.

90 SandsI love this place and going back after almost a decade helped me remember why. Great times with great friends in a legendary place.


The view of downtown Manhattan from the top of the 90 Sands building.IMAG3303

The Brooklyn bridge from a window at 90 Sands.IMAG3299

A view of “the homes”. Various buildings appropriately named for housing the majority of the Bethel family.

“The Light Gets Brighter” Tour (I think that’s the name). A self guided tour at Bethel that takes you on a journey that began in the first century and continues down to our day. This tour shows Satan the devils efforts to conceal the light of truth and how it has yet triumphed and will continue to do so.

For more information about the Bethel offices please visit our website.

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